What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation involves the use of prescription medication taken orally to reduce anxiety before and during dental procedures. At Ascension Premier Dental, we utilize oral sedation to help patients achieve a relaxed state, making their dental visits much more comfortable.

How Oral Sedation Enhances Your Dental Experience

- Before Your Appointment: You will be prescribed a sedative to take shortly before your scheduled dental procedure. This allows you to arrive at our office feeling calm and relaxed.

- During Your Treatment: While under oral sedation, you will be drowsy but still awake. Many patients remember little to nothing of the procedure, as oral sedation can induce a state of deep relaxation.

- Safety and Monitoring: Your vital signs and comfort level are continuously monitored throughout the treatment to ensure your safety.

Benefits of Choosing Oral Sedation

- Ease of Use: Simply take a pill before your appointment—no needles or masks involved.

- Amnesic Effect: Patients often have little to no memory of the procedure, which is beneficial for those who have dental anxiety.

- Flexibility: Oral sedation is effective for a range of dental procedures, from simple cleanings to more complex treatments.

Is Oral Sedation Right for You?

Oral sedation is an excellent option for patients who:

- Experience moderate to severe dental anxiety

- Have a history of traumatic dental experiences

- Require multiple dental procedures in one visit

- Have difficulty getting numb with local anesthesia alone

Our Commitment to Safe Sedation Practices

Dr. Calvin G. Bessonet and the team at Ascension Premier Dental are dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for all sedation dentistry. Dr. Bessonet’s expertise and adherence to stringent safety protocols ensure a secure and effective treatment.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry Options

We offer a variety of sedation methods to suit different needs and preferences. Compare the benefits of each type:

- IV Sedation for deep sedation needs

- Nitrous Oxide Sedation for mild relaxation with quick recovery

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